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Amstone Tax Lawyers B.V. is a private company with limited liability, established in Amsterdam.


Nieuwe Keizersgracht 43
1018 VC Amsterdam
Telephone +31 (0)20 820 15 55

Chamber of Commerce:

Amstone Tax Lawyers B.V. is registered with the traderegister of the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under number 54603757.


The VAT-number of Amstone Tax Lawyers B.V. is NL85.13.68.268.B01

Dutch association of tax advisers:

The tax lawyers working for Amstone Tax Lawyers B.V. are all members of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers

Liability insurance:

Amstone Tax Lawyers B.V. has concluded a liability insurance through CNA Insurance Company Ltd. Information on the conditions of the insurance is available for our clients.


The data this website contains are exclusively included as general information. No rights whatsoever can be derived from these data. Amstone Tax Lawyers B.V. is not liable for any damage which may arise as a result of any incorrectness or incompleteness of the data included in this website. Any information sent to Amstone Tax Lawyers B.V. via email or through mail forms on our websites is not secure and is done so on a non-confidential basis.

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